Our Staff

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JSUMC will be a church that changes lives and our community by:

Serving our neighbors; Saving the lost; Sharing the love of God


Welcome, Serve, Care, Grow


· It’s never about us! 

We believe that the essence of “sin” is the middle letter in the word (“I”).   We do not believe that sin is primarily a list of forbidden activities, but a lust for our own way (Isaiah 53:6).  Our sin cost Jesus His life.  Therefore, to follow Christ is to voluntarily and completely place our “I” before the “T” (cross), which forms the “iT” that defines Jubilee Shores.  Our personal preferences and program agendas are always subject to what God desires; therefore, as Christ-followers we determine to live as though “iT” is never about us.

· Lost people matter most! 

Jesus told three stories, recorded in Luke 15, to emphasize this point.  He told of a lost coin, a lost sheep and a lost child.  In each case, the one who had lost the object (or relationship), went on a search until it was found.  It was the mission of Jesus to redeem and restore those who are lost - separated from relationship with God because of sin (Luke 19:10).  The last word Jesus gave the disciples was to reach out to those in every cultural context who are lost and then nurture persons to full maturity as followers (Matthew 28:18-20).  At Jubilee Shores, we make Jesus’ last command our first priority.  Therefore, in the context of our worship gatherings and presentation venues, the elements of our message are delivered in ways that are culturally relevant - not to entertain, but to engage those who are far from God.

· No one’s born to be alone!

God values relationships above everything else!  The first statement at the completion of creation is that it is not good for us to be alone (Genesis 2).  We believe that the spiritual life is all about relationship.  God made us and placed us in this life to know Him and to prepare for enjoying Him forever.  When God introduces Himself to us and redeems us through Jesus Christ, God also brings us into relationship with others who are seeking Him.  Therefore, the basic unit of ministry at Jubilee Shores is the small group - “a group of 12 people who do life together for the purpose of growing spiritually, caring deeply and serving intentionally.”  Because God values relationships, we are called to live authentic, truth-telling lives in community with others. 

· People can be trusted with the Holy Spirit!

God transforms human lives through the dynamic energy of the Holy Spirit.  He does not need our help.  God does not serve as a sub-contractor in our effort at self-improvement nor does God assist us in the demolition and re-building of others.  God radically changes lives by His own power and at His own pace.  We do not condone any lifestyle or behavior that does not reflect God’s purpose for human relationships.  However, we celebrate all persons, regardless of where they may be on their spiritual journey, who are honestly and openly seeking God.  Therefore, we believe that our task is to create authentic environments that bring people into close proximity with God through public worship, small groups, and ministry teams, with acceptance and without pretense (2 Corinthians 3:17-18).     

· The way to the throne is through the servant’s entrance! 

We believe that a lifestyle of servanthood most closely resembles the character of Jesus (Philippians 2:5-7).  We believe that the most efficient and effective way to lead persons to Jesus Christ is through serving them.  Therefore, we are committed to creative and compelling activities that serve our community and create both a “WOW” and a “WHY” response.  We do not serve in order to get noticed.  We serve others so that they will notice God’s grace in practical ways.

· Worship is a way of life!

Simply put, worship is our response to God.   Therefore, we are committed to authentic environments of “worship” that release our deepest passions in response to God through music, prayer, communion, etc.  But we also recognize that true worship is not confined to a “worship service.”  The way we live is an act of worship.  As a result, the way we conduct ourselves in the community as God’s servants, in the workplace as dependable and trustworthy employees, and the way we manage God’s financial resources are tangible expressions of worship.  All of life surrendered to God as an act of worship is sacred.