Pat Cotton 

Financial Secretary

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I am: a foot soldier of God striving to spread His Word by example.
Education & Background:
I have made a career in Financial Services with occasional dalliances in Professional Seam stressing, Landscape design and maintenance, and some of the arts. While I have completed several programs at The American Institute of Banking in New York and I have various associate degrees from Faulkner State Community College; my skill set has been built around people who love what they do and love to share what they do with others. To them I am ever grateful.
Favorite Bible Verse:
Ephesians 6:13-17
I have a thirst for knowledge of what is referred to as antiquity, but what I think of as God's ever evolving story of His relationship with humankind. To understand where we are going, we must know where we have been.
My Favorite destination
is home, wherever that may be at any point in time.
Sports Team:
Any group of people who get together to laugh their way through a game.
Studying The Bible and human history, Gardening at home, at Weeks Bay Reserve, at the Garden of Eatin', and helping others garden through Baldwin County Master Gardeners. I also waste time doodling and watching foreign TV series.
My favorite thing about Fairhope
is Jubilee Shores United Methodist Church and its people who have welcomed me with open arms, and open hearts full of faith, hope, and love. Thank You.
Greatest Accomplishment:
Owning up to my sins and recognizing my faults and weaknesses, and understanding that despite my shortcomings,  God still loves me, and  still strengthens me.
I go home to 
Peter, Piper and Spitfire, my 4-legged kids.