Wednesday Night


5:00 PM at Jubilee Shores Library. ​

Bible study and group discussion. Open to all.

Led by Derick Earp.​

8:30 AM meets at Jubilee Shores Library. Open to all men. This group reads and discusses different books and topics of interest to Christian Men, and is involved in events for our church and community and supports many other events and ministries of JSUMC. ​

Heather's Girls

Led by Pastor Marty Hamilton at the home of Verla Wilters in Loxley. Starts at 6:00 PM with dinner and fellowship followed by a lesson. Open to couples or singles. ​

Wednesday Night Women's Group – hosted by Heather Hamilton at her home at 5:30 PM. Meet for dinner and fellowship followed by a lesson. Ongoing and open to women of all ages. Members of this group participate in the various ministries of the church as well as group service projects and fellowship activities. ​

Thursday Morning

Bible Study

Led by Todd & Heather Partin.

For parents with children living at home giving parents an opportunity to fellowship with other parents while the children are with childcare (usually at the church). 

Meets monthly at different locations.

Prayer & Care 


Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. in the Church Library (Building C)​
Care needs are identified, shared, and supported through prayers with follow-up through personal visits, phone and email contacts, cards and notes.​

Bible study is emphasized with in-depth interactive learning through book and media resources by noted Christian authors and leaders.​
Outreach ministries of the church, community, and world are encouraged through a variety of caring missional activities.​

Sunday Night

Bible Study

Mostly "retired" men.​

Meets at home of Dick Bishop in Quail Creek, Fairhope, on Tuesday mornings at 0800.​

The Group conducts; Bible study, reviews applicable faith based videos, provides physical assistance as needed for group and church members, outreach includes building and yard maintenance.  Group has been in existence since May 2003.


(Tuesday Group in Fairhope)

Men's Group

Parent's Night Out

Led by Pastor Hamilton, Thursday mornings at 10:00 AM in the church library. ​

Sunday Morning

​Men's Group

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