"Jubilee Shores United Methodist Church Youth ("JSUMCY"): 

We are a Christ-centered community, oriented to worshiping God, who practice Spirit-led servant-leadership. 

+Meet us Wednesdays 5:30-8pm in the "Onion" (main building) with free dinner at 6. We play, pray, worship, and study God's will and way for us in the Bible so we can support each other in daily life. For ages 7th-12th graders. 

+Worship with us at church Sunday Mornings at 10am

(with Free Coffee and sausage biscuits).

+*Each of our volunteer adults are vetted and trained by our church leadership. Please contact Donald Furlong if interested in helping on the team.*

+For more info contact our Youth Pastor Donald Furlong at donaldfurlong@gmail.com or call the office at 928-9133.

Meltdown 2020 

 7th-12th Graders
+When: Friday, January 24 – Sunday, January 26, 2020​
+What: Meltdown is an annual youth conference that brings together students from all over the southeast for a weekend that will draw them closer to God and to each other.
+Cost: $130 due December 18, 2019
+Where: Panama City Beach

​Additional to their excitement to attend again, we are taking our students to Meltdown to spark their personal relationship with God, out of which we hope they can orient their identity (in God's love) and their living. Last Meltdown was an example encounter with the living God and the Church.  Parents are welcome/needed as chaperones and drivers.

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